Partial Board

$300.00 Per Month for Barn 1
$275.00 Per Month for Barns 2, 2.5 or 3
Includes Stall, 2 Garden Cart Loads of Shavings per Week
and Full Use of Riding Ring and Lunge Pin.
Hay and Stall Cleaning are Additional.

Full Board

$823.00 per Month for Barn 1
$798.00 per Month for Barns 2, 2.5 & 3
$848.00 per Month for a Wet Horse
Includes Up to 6 Quarts of Grain Twice a Day That We order and
put away, a Vitamin, and 1 or 2 Flakes of Hay Depending on the
Size of the Flake AM & PM. Your Horse Will Be Turned Out At Sometime During the Day for At Least 1 hour, Stall Will Be Cleaned,
Horse Hosed Off and Put Back In Stall.

Hay Charges

$2.10 per Flake
$125.00 per Month for 2 Flakes a Day
$187.50 per Month for 3 Flakes a Day
$250.00 per Month for 4 Flakes a Day

Fan Charges

$11.25 per month for 1 Box Fan on a Timer
$17.50 per month for 1 Round Fan on a Timer